The Six Lies About Burn Fat And Burn Belly Fat

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The Six Lies About Burn Fat And Burn Belly Fat

lose belly fat
Summary:- this explanation talking about 6 most popular thoughts are false about burn fat and burn belly fat, such as,
  • Drink Water To Burn Fat.
  • Some Foods Can Help You Lose Belly Fat or burn body Fat.
  • Time Of Meals.
  • Reduction Of  Margarine Will Decrease Your Weight.
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Excess weight and accumulated fat in the body is a common problem in the world, and a lot of people with this problem do not know is an appropriate treatment for them,
 Maybe you are going to a specialist and advise you of a medicines and supplements helps you lose belly fat or described to you a food table and give you a special diet to reduce belly fat or body fat, but soon return to their former weight immediately after stopping the diet .
 The problem is that there are people who are spreading false information about the 
treatment of obesity and overweight,
 There are those who say that the harsh dieting is the best way to burn fat, and other claims that the water diet of the easiest is best magical ways to get rid of belly fat, and unfortunately there are doctors advised their patients to such these things.
 I wanted to show you in this article the six most popular myths about fat burning and the treatment of obesity, we thought it was true, but in fact it’s pure lies.
  •  The six lies about burn fat and belly fat
  • Reduce the intake of carbohydrates is the best way to lose weight.
 If reduced carbohydrate intake, you will notice a decrease in your weight quickly in a short time, but this is not a healthy thing.
 An essential element in any carbohydrate diet and if you are lose the fat, the body will return to the previous weight when you stop the diet.
 So, you must always eat healthy carbohydrates as legumes, grains and fruits and vegetables.
lose belly fat
  •  Reduction of margarine and butter will decrease your weight

In fact butter make the food delicious and if minimize them you will lose the joy of food,

And unfortunately there are people reduces butter and compensate for the lack of taste by adding sugar and industrial and other flavors,
 And these additions may be filled with more of the same full-fat food. There are foods writes on it fat-free or low-fat Some understand it healthy and suitable for them diet, but in fact, fat-free food does not mean it is free of calories,
 Which is the main factor for weight gain.
 Always buy fresh foods from the meat and vegetables, and no problem in eating full-fat foods from time to time.
  • Some foods helps burn belly fat. There are no foods will
  • burning body fat, some foods contain caffeine, which in turn speeds up the metabolism in your body and helps you to burn calories  faster but this is only for short-time
 Try to eat a lot of healthy food, will help you burn some calories, instead of eat fast and bad food with – healthy foods, but remember that’s not enough to burn fat without other good habits.
lose belly fat
  •  If you eat to much of foods at evening that’s will lead to weight gain.
In fact There is no difference whether I ate at 2 am or at 2 pm The body will absorb the same amount of calories, 
But at the evening the body will absorbing a little of food and that’s due to inactivity,
 But at the morning the body absorb more speed because of  the activity of the body .
 The  problem here is that there are a lot of people eat (overeat) during dinner because they did not eat balanced meals during the day. 
The perfect solution to this problem is , do not skip daily meals .
Lose belly fat
  •  Water diet is the best diet ever. Water is very important for you’re body , but it will not decrease your weight, if you’re  drink a large amounts of water daily  your body will not burn like magic.

 Drinking water alone will not Help you reduce the problem of excess weight at all.

lose belly fat
  •  Green tea burn fat and reduce of belly fat.

 What does green tea is the result of caffeine found in it,but it do not decrease your weight.

 If you’re drink a large amounts daily your body fat will not burn just like the magic and if you’re just drinking water will not reduce of the problem of excess weight at all, and as I said earlier, the caffeine is working to speed up the metabolism in your body and this only for a short time .
So , if you are drink a cup or several cups of green tea will not save you from the problem of weight gain .

 There are specialists say that green tea burns 40 calories for a cup but this is too little, and drink several cups a day of tea is harmful to you and may lead to 
injury from insomnia .

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