How Technology Can Help To Burn More Calories During Your Cardio Workout

How Technology Can Help To Burn More Calories During Your Cardio Workout

Cardio might not be your all-time favorite workout, but this week on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast we’re here to change this. As today we’ll focus on fitness technology that is specialized in cardio. Let it be an app that motivates you with great music or a piece of smart equipment that makes cardio more fun, it’s guaranteed that you’ll push harder. And ultimately burn more calories.

Press play to hear how technology can help to burn more calories during your dreaded cardio session!

Three Things You Will Learn

1) The Power Of Music

A not-too-high-tech and a quite simple concept that you might not think of when it comes to burning more calories is music. But believe it or not, music has amazing motivational powers, which is exactly what Fit Radio plays on.

Fit Radio is an app that combines workout music and personal coaching with a goal to make you push harder. The app has a music library of thousands of DJ mixes with new tracks added daily. And you can choose from a variety of guided exercising programs, like running and HIIT.

If you go for running, the app will match the music to your pace, which will definitely give you an extra kick in the butt. Tune in to learn more about Fit Radio and its different features!

2) How Smart Is Your Kettlebell?

If you’re bored of the traditional cardio workouts, it’s time to go for something different. Kettlebell workouts are a great way to spice up your regular routine and nonetheless, they also come with some amazing results. Kettlebell exercises will help to burn those calories fast and work different muscle groups simultaneously.

And of course, as you could’ve guessed it, we already have some smart kettlebells on the market that will further improve your workout output.

The connected kettlebell by JaxJox allows you to adjust the weight with 6 different weight options in a matter of seconds. And the accompanying JaxJox app will make sure that all your kettlebell workouts are tracked accurately. Your connected kettlebell and the app together with count your reps and sets and track your power and workout time.

Listen to this week’s episode to find out more about why kettlebell workouts are so great and what your JaxJox Fitness IQ score means!

3) Cardio In A Luxury Edition

For those of you who are looking for something more high-tech and more professional, we have two very exciting pieces of tech today. The first one is a smart rowing machine, Hydrow.


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Even though rowing is also a very efficient cardio workout, sitting in front of an indoor rowing machine can be quite monotonous after a while. Which is what Hydrow is here to change. With the Hydrow rowing machine, you’ll be transferred to a real water experience and can really enjoy the workout without actually leaving your own apartment.

Via Hydrow‘s smart touchscreen you’ll be able to join live rowing sessions that are coached by professional athletes and recorded on real outdoors water. This is what they call a ‘live outdoor reality’ experience. Hydrow will also give you real-time feedback on your workout performance with data points like calories burnt and distance completed. A real cardio gem for burning calories and enjoying your training at the same time.

Finally, if you’re more into body-weight exercises, Otari’s Smart Exercise Mat might be the perfect choice for you. Definitely not your average workout mat, the Otari mats have a digital display and are embedded with pose recognition technology.

They will provide you with a good selection of exercises ranging from yoga to pilates and even Bootcamp. No matter if you are taking live or on-demand classes, their embedded technology will track your form constantly leaving no room for error. So they won’t only mix up your workout routine, but also make sure that you’re doing every move as you should.

Press play to hear more about the more luxurious calorie burner pieces of equipment, Hydrow, and the Otari Smart Exercise Mat!

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